Our story

In Santorini, we are proud to have adopt the concept of "Slow Food", -not like the literal translation-, but indeed to be part of the cause and global cause and the organization of the same name, which already has almost 30 years of history, founded to prevent the disappearance of culinary cultures and traditions worldwide, and contrary to the growth of the accelerated fast food lifestyle, and that is concerned with combating people's disinterest in the food they eat, without knowing how it was obtained and where it comes from, and how our gastronomic nutrition choices influence the world we live in.

In this restaurant, we embrace the greek concept of Εστία, oriented to share moments around the good table fine dining, and leave behind a bit of the dizzying pace of current life, -which is also transferred to gastronomy, with “series pre-made” dishes - meals and , without a real concern for the product, nor respect for its history and preparation. We define Santorini Restobar as a "kitchen of food from the soul", where our team creates daily dishes made to the minute fresh meals, trying to transfer in our food preparations the love and passion for what we do and deliver give our guests a complete gastronomic experience.  


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